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AirTamer Refreshing Orange
Aroma Cartridges ACO-100
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AirTamer AF-1620AM
Germ-Odor-Virus Protection Filter
Special Offer: Buy One, get a Second for 50% Off! Eliminates 75.4% of viruses and 22.5% of mold in just 2 hours!...

AirTamer AF2-1620M
Ultra High Performance Pleated Air Filter
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AirTamer® A710

Ultra High Efficiency Air Purifier Professional Series

Record breaking performance cleans your air better while the world's lowest energy consumption and our flexible filter system saves you time, saves you money and is better for the environment. Includes 1 High Performance Electrostatic Pleated Filter and 3 Germ-Odor-Virus Protection Filters that eliminate 75.4% of viruses and 22.5% of mold in just 2 hours!

This Air Cleaner is suggested for use in a single closed room up to 403 Square Feet.


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  • 12% Higher Pollen Capture†
  • 10% Higher Dust Capture†
  • 6% More Air Circulation†
  • 99.9% effective at capturing particles such as pollen, mold spores and dust mite debris
  • Also captures odors, smoke, viruses, bacteria, vocs, dust, pet dander, smog
  • Certified to clean 20' x 20' rooms (400 sq. ft.) in 12 minutes
  • CADR – Tobacco Smoke: 260, Dust: 285, Pollen: 275
  Than a HEPA air purifier for a comprable room size & CADR.
  • 1 AirTamer unit with dual voltage power cord
  • 1 Ultra High Performance Air Filter
  • 3 Germ-Odor-Virus Protection Filters
  • 2 extra (FREE) Ultra High Performance Air Filters
  • 3 Aroma Cartridges – 1 Orange, 1 Grapefruit, 1 Lavender
  • Instruction manual
How AirTamer Works
"FilterStream is proud to be a selected Extreme Makeover - Home Edition sponsor as many recipient families have health issues that require extra clean air".
BCM using FilterStream Air Tamer

"Baylor College of Medicine is one of the top medical schools in the U.S. They use the AirTamer to clean their air."

Baylor College of Medicine using AirTamer
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